Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Place Together Shopping!

Hubs to be and I are going to go look at an apartment today that we have pretty high hopes for. We are 95% certain this will be our first place together. I cannot wait to start buying furniture and other decor for it. We are going with a black, white, and taupe-ish theme. We went to Ikea not that long ago and picked out a couch, and dining room table. Both black. I'm so glad that I am not marrying the typical man- and that he actually has opinions about how to decorate our place. Lucky for me, we have the same taste in pretty much everything.

In other exciting news, some early shower gifts have arrived! Too bad I can't open them. :P My shower is July 9th. Future sister in law is throwing me a tea party shower (!!) at the Historic Holly Hotel. Which reminds me that I need to start looking for a dress.. So beyond EXCITED. This place has amazing food, too! :D

These are the flowers Hubs to be bought me when he proposed :) Still on my mirror, 4 1/2 years later.

and the precious babies.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring favorites & NOTD

I wanted to create a post about some products that I have recently tried. I am pretty much a junkie when it comes to makeup, hair and skin products, etc. I almost never buy the same thing twice. Unless I reaaaally love it. So here are some of my great recent finds (that I would definitely use again!) :D

Alba- This will be my go-to spring/summer moisturizer. It smells amazing! Definitely not the typical sunscreen smell. I got this lil' goodie at Whole Foods, but I think this brand is also available at Target. $9.99
Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner- Definitely made my hair very soft and smooth. Smells yummy too. Purchased at a drugstore for $7.99 each.
Moroccan Oil- By far, the best hair product I have EVER tried. Great on your skin too. I think what really got me hooked on this was the smell [AMAZE]. Retails around $35-40ish (totally worth it, believe me.) depending on where you go. Sold in salons.
Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray- I got the mini of this - I wasn't sure if I would like it all that much but have always wanted to try it. Love! So refreshing. I generally use this after I put on moisturizer or after washing my face before bed. I got this at Whole Foods for $5.99. I've seen the larger bottles at Ulta and Sephora for $10-15.
Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Primer- Really love the velvety smooth finish of this primer. I have tried many and this one is one of my favorites. Bought this at Ulta for $20.
Jason Age Renewal with Vit. E- Being 26, I'm not really concerned about wrinkles just yet.. Maybe prevention if anything.. But I bought this for the vitamin E and because it was CHEAP. I think I paid around $6 bucks for this, and I can see that it will last a longggg time. I use this at night, and when I wake up my face is so smooth. It also claims to be "natural" which is a plus in my book, but some of the ingredients look a little sketchy. So we'll see! :)

...and of course, my NOTD :) I really love this color. I'm even considering wearing it for my wedding mani/pedi. It has a pink shimmer to it, but I couldn't seem to capture that on my camera.


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beginning! & NOTD :)

I have been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time now. So today I woke up and decided today was the day. I have so many exciting things going on in my life right now that I feel the need to share. :) For starters, I'm getting married August 6th to my best friend. We are very excited to officially start our life together. It's so much fun looking at apartments, furniture, home decor, and deciding what we want our place to look like. I have recently developed a slight obsession with cookbooks. I can't wait to bake and cook in our new place! Especially on our copper Williams Sonoma pots n pans MIL & FIL to be are getting us for our wedding gift. Words cannot describe how excited I am for those! Yaaay.

Got both of these for like 12 bucks on ebay :) Looooove ebay.

Some other obsessions that will be shared on this page is nail polish. I have an ever growing collection! I can't get enough of the stuff. I will try to do a NOTD at least once a week.