Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent iPhone pics

-New Opi's! A roll in the hague, gargantuan green grape, and fly.
-These stargazer Lillies made my apartment smell amazing!
-Our brand new nephew, Arie Jackson! He was born on march 5th. Seriously the cutest baby ever. I'm so excited to watch him grow up. :)
-Bought this book on amazon after hearing tons of great reviews. I can't wait to read it. I have a feeling I will agree with most of what is in it.
-My new bike! Daren and I want to get in great shape this spring. We have been riding only a few days a week so far, and it's been rough!
-Can't stop eating strawberries. There is just something wonderful about fresh berries this time of year. Btw, the weather has been incredible for the past 2 weeks! Practically in the 70s everyday. So unheard of for this time of year!! I couldn't be happier.
-Essie van d'go. {I think? But I'm feeling too lazy to go look, lol} love it!

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