Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Things Friday: Pinspriation

As with most females, I too am addicted to Pinterest. I don't know where the time goes whenever I get on that wonderful little website. Here are a few of my recent pins.

How cute is this Kate Spade iPhone case? I think it would go great on my white phone. :)

I am currently on a 'no more baking treats' vacation, but I might have to make these for valentines day. I'm sure Daren wouldn't mind.

I REALLY need something like this for my bathroom! I have so many products just sitting out on the counter- which I hate. I prefer to have things organized and tidy. This would be just perfect and pretty.

LOVE flowers. Especially white peonies and hydrangeas. Nothing makes me happier than a fresh bouquet to put on my table.

These little shoes are so adorable, and look really warm! I think I will have to head over to Target to pick these up pretty soon! I also saw them in navy.. Not sure if they come in any other colors.
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Happy weekend! I will be spending it with my organic chemistry textbook. :)

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