Monday, July 30, 2012

July Glossybox

I was so happy to actually get this in July! The last two boxes- May and June- both came the following month. Kind of frustrating. But I am being patient with them because I am sure they are having some growing pains.

So far I think my favorite product is the Sweet Geranium Figs & Rouge Balm. It comes in an adorable tin and smells amazing. It has made my lips super soft and shiny. The fact that it's 100% natural and organic is major bonus points, too. This actually is probably the BEST balm I have used. Possibly a new holy grail product.

The Sebastian shampoo was also pretty great. Smelled good and made my hair soft. The conditioner was a bit odd though. It's like mousse. I wasn't a fan because I have awful water {I used to live in the country where we had soft water, so I'm not used to the sticky city water} and need some intense conditioner or my hair will be a tangled mess when I get out of the shower.

The Alessandro foot cream was okay. Made my feet soft for most of the day, but I wouldn't buy it. My favorite foot cream {I actually got it in a Birchbox} is Ahava.

The Senna Double Dose Lip Lacquer was also a hit. And full size!! {$22 bucks!} I actually didn't like the lighter one, it was a bit too frosted looking for my taste. But the darker color- gorgeous! Looked amazing when I layered it over the Figs & Rouge Balm, too! This color is so pretty for the upcoming fall.  I am really glad this was in my box- it is not a shade I would ever buy!

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