Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Essie Stylenomics and September Glossybox

I wasn't planning on buying anything from the Essie fall 2012 collection.. but every time I went into the drugstore, I would always pick up this color, and then put it back. So I decided last week it was coming home with me. I am glad I bought it, I really like it. I would say it's a blackish green, but a bit more green than black. And very glossy!
I added some gold glitter to the tips the other day- loved this!
This is way late {as always} but here is my September Glossybox. It was definitely a good one! I had just run out of my Boscia BB cream that I loved, so I was really excited to see this Missha BB cream in my box. Apparently Korean BB creams are the real deal, and all of the western brands are just glorified tinted moisturizers. This stuff is definitely superior to anything I have tried.
I also really liked the shampoo and conditioner. It made my hair way silky and smooth.
The lipstick is pretty but I don't know if I will wear it. It's like a lighter pink. And I have yet to try the mattifying gel, but I hear great things about it, so we will see! :-)

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