Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Goodies.

On Thursday I got together with a friend to get the invites stuffed and ready to go! Wedding planning is coming to an end, only the little details left now (aside from getting his suit and ring). My Mom and I also went to the florist that day. We were able to pick out flowers for the tables and my bouquet. They are going to be so amazing! Pale blue hydrangeas, lilies, and freesia. LOVE. <3

I picked up this lip gloss on sale for $9.99. Really pretty berry color for summer. :) My only gripe about this is that it takes like a 1,000 clicks to get any out. Then 10 minutes later it's a gooey mess.

Fiance also bought me some really pretty things from jcrew! He did good picking out. :)

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