Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend NOTD & New Shoes.. Yay!

Really looking forward to the weekend.. Mostly because Fiance will NOT be working! :)) He normally works 6 days a week, but last week he worked 7 (I try to not complain about this because I am so thankful that he has a great job, as most people don't in this economy.. but it does get to me sometimes!). He is a designer for one of the big 3, and the company he works for is having some sort of family day/open house thing-y. I have always wanted to see where he works, so I am pretty excited about this. For this weekend I have on my favorite OPI ever. I think it is Fiance's favorite too actually.

So here is my yummy NOTD!
{P.S- I think this *might* be a dupe for Essie's French Affair..}

Fiance said it's like cotton candy on my nails. :D

I got these little lovelies in the mail a couple days ago. I think I will wear them today for my shopping trip with the SIL! Hopefully they won't kill my feet..

Sleeping Princess.

...And some pretty poppies from Mom's garden that I had to get a picture of. :)


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