Friday, July 1, 2011

Smooth Sailing NOTD

Today Fiance is getting off work at 1 (hopefully!) and then we are headed up to northern Michigan. Pretty much my favorite place on earth. We are meeting my family up there, they left on Wednesday. I am so excited. We have been going there every summer for almost 20 years. It is so unbelievably gorgeous! The town we go to is right on Lake Michigan, and about a half hour drive from Mackinaw Island. So I thought I'd do a quick entry and post a couple pics of the new Essie I bought. Then I have a lot to do before we leave! (it's 10 and I still have to finish packing, work out, shower, pack the car, head to Rite Aid to get some razors, and be ready by 1:30ish!) I am so a last minute person with everything in my life! Haha.

So here is Smooth Sailing. This is the 3rd Essie I have bought from their Braziliant collection, and probably the last one (I have colors similar to the ones that I did not buy). I used 3 coats, but it really only needed 2. I love this color, and it is definitely unique. Kind of a periwinkle with a silver-ish shimmer.

Where I will be this weekend! :D

and Fiance biking along the bay

Happy Fourth!! and yay for a long weekend :))

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